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BIGbtc, Ltd. – Bitcoin Integration Group – est. 2014  Toronto, Canada

One of the first bitcoin payment integrators in Canada.

As the internet-money story continued to unfold into 2012, it became apparent the cypherpunks (not to be confused with cyberpunks) were getting some well deserved and long overdue attention and the world was hearing about this new virtual currency called bitcoin. In 2012, the plans for a merchant centric bitcoin integration service began to take shape as confusion about what bitcoin was, how it worked and why it was even necessary permeated the retail industry. In late 2013, as the price of one bitcoin climbed well past USD $1,000, holders of the popular digital currency looked far and wide for retailers who would accept it as payment.

BIGbtc, Ltd., founded in early 2014, was launched as a sponsor of the first Toronto Bitcoin Expo held in April 2014 at the Toronto Convention Centre.

Our goal is to make bitcoin a widely used payment platform. Based in Toronto, Canada, our team is made up of experienced business developers, security professionals, legal advisers and more. We’re tackling one of the most important and least focused aspects of crypto commerce, getting it right for merchants.

BIGbtc, Ltd. provides a variety of services and products that make transacting in bitcoin and the myriad of mobile payment applications simple.

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“Put a warm body beside them, an experienced and competent person to hold their hand through the integration process, educate them on every aspect of payment processing best practices and on how to defend themselves against evil forces, they will adopt.”

Our Skills

We work with individuals, big & small companies, online merchants, curbside vendors and established multi-location brick & morter storefronts. We offer continuous support, security updates and new product recommendations and introductions. We provide comprehensive management and staff training.

Where do we focus? Staying on top of the latest in secure storage and transaction methods is our number one priority. All the other components necessary for a complete integration follows.

  • Secure Bitcoin Storage
  • Wallet Selection
  • Website Integration
  • Payment Processor Integration

Investment gurus and stock market veterans warn bitcoin is a scam. But everyone is still asking “How do I get some?”

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