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bitcoin, A money for our times


We simplify the process of selecting and integrating the latest in bitcoin payment solutions. We make certain our customers are using the most up-to-date and secure methods of accepting, transferring and storing digital assets.

We know Bitcoin.


Simple Integration

Our Simple Integration Program is a perfect way for merchants of all sizes to get started.  Get setup using a simple mobile wallet and start accepting bitcoin today.

Payment Processors

We are familiar with the most trusted payment processors in the industry. We’ll help you choose the right payments partner.

Wallets: Hot, Cold & Hard

What is the best bitcoin wallet for your business operations? There are many types and we’re there to guide.

Accounting Integration

Full accounting and invoicing integration for bitcoin payments.

eCommerce Integration

Our skilled team can help you integrate a bitcoin payments module into your WooCommerce or other eCommerce store.

2-Factor Authentication

Two step verification is necessary to minimize potential losses from fraud, data-loss, identity theft.

Million Bitcoins

Million Bitcoin Wallets

$Billion Market Cap

Crypto Currencies

Expand your reach.

Reduce costs.

eliminate chargebacks.

Increased Customer Base

Bitcoin is an international currency. One bitcoin in Berlin, Germany, has the same value as one bitcoin in Detroit, USA, or one bitcoin in Toronto, Canada. Your customer base expands to where this new currency thrives. Bitcoin users are on the lookout for new merchants and always searching for products they can purchase using bitcoin.

Reduce Transaction Fees

Merchant fees from credit card payment processors can be high. Bitcoin is like cash. Bitcoin payments from customers are direct to a merchants wallet.

No Chargebacks

Bitcoin payments are irreversible. Which means 100% of your funds are available 100% of the time.
Adding bitcoin as a payment option will bring new and loyal customers. Don’t miss out!

Speaking Of Quotes

“You can setup all the Bitcoin web tutorials and YouTube videos you want. You can promise merchants a secure and profitable experience, but if the average merchant feels intimidated by the forces that be, they won’t adopt.”

Brett Russell, Author, Founder & CEO @ BIGbtc, Ltd. quoted in Coin Report

"Why do I get the feeling the best hedge against a Sanders or Trump nomination would be buying bitcoin?"

Ashton Kutcher, American actor, and Investor

"In the long term bitcoin moves above $500,000 within three years."

John McAfee, Founder McAfee Antivirus

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